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December 15, 2022

SHARJAH (UAE): Thursday, December 15:  The China CTIC Team duo of Philippe Chiappe and Peter Morin set the fastest laps of 46.77sec and 47.13sec in the extra free practice session that got the competitive on-water action underway at the Road to Sharjah Grand Prix of Sharjah on Thursday morning.


Used as a basic shakedown of the boats by the teams, lap times are largely irrelevant in the larger scale of things but Bartek Marszalek managed to set the third quickest time and Sharjah Team’s Samio Selio was tied with defending World Champion Jonas Andersson in fourth. Team Abu Dhabi’s series-leading duo of Shaun Torrente and Thani Al-Qemzi were less than a second off Chiappe’s pace in seventh and sixth positions.


Nine teams and 18 boats are entered for the weekend’s racing double-header on Khaled Lagoon and 16 of those took to the water in the session, with young Briton Ben Jelf missing the stint and still waiting to get his first ever taste of GP competition with the F1 Atlantic Team after he and Duarte Benavente didn’t start.


2022 Road to Sharjah Grand Prix of Sharjah – extra free practice result (Thursday):

1. Phillipe Chiappe (FRA) China CTIC Team                           46.77sec

2. Peter Morin (FRA) China CTIC Team                                  47.13sec

3. Bartek Marszalek (POL) Strømøy Racing F1H2O Team   47.23sec

4. Sami Selio (FIN) Sharjah Team                                           47.34sec

4. Jonas Andersson (SWE) Team Sweden                            47.34sec

6. Thani Al-Qemzi (UAE) Team Abu Dhabi                            47.55sec            

7. Shaun Torrente (USA) Team Abu Dhabi                             47.58sec

8. Kalle Viippo (FIN) Team Sweden                                        47.94sec

9. Alberto Comparato (ITA) Comparato F1                             48.36sec

10. Ferdinand Zandbergen (NLD) Sharjah Team                    48.54sec

11. Alexandre Bourgeot (FRA) Maverick Racing                      49.44sec

12. Marit Strømøy (NOR) Strømøy Racing F1H2O Team        50.12sec

13. Alec Weckström (FIN) Gillman Racing                               50.22sec

14. Cédric Deguisne (FRA) Maverick Racing                           50.52sec

15. Filip Roms (FIN) Gillman Racing                                          52.45sec

16. Paulo Longhi (ITA) Comparato F1                                        1min 01.02sec

Duarte Benavente (POR) F1 Atlantic Team                               DNS                                 

Ben Jelf (GBR) F1 Atlantic Team                                                DNS