H2O Racing
Union Internationale Motonautique


October 23, 2018

Tuesday, 23 October: H2O Racing President Nicolo di San Germano has confirmed the appointment of Luis Ribeiro as Chairman of the Formula 1 Committee, the body responsible for all aspects of F1 Racing and reports directly to the [UIM] Council.


The news comes following the 91st UIM General Assembly which took place last week in Beirut, with long-time Chairman Fred Hauenstein stepping aside and Ribeiro elevated to top spot from his position as Vice Chairman.


Ribeiro will chair meetings of representatives including F1H2O Promoter, engine manufacturers, local organisers, team owners, drivers’ rep and safety to ensure the smooth transition and ratification of decisions taken by the F1 Daily Management Committee.


Ribeiro is long-serving and ever present figure in F1H2O circles with the, at times, difficult task of Race Director at Grand Prix and responsible for the smooth running of all on water activities.


Other F1H2O news emanating from meetings at the GA is that Stuart Halley, General Manager Mercury Racing and Jeff Broman, Director of Engineering will attend the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi to make a presentation to teams on the Mercury 4-stroke racing engine.


That news comes amidst much speculation that the CRT 2.5ltr Billet engine, built and developed by Caldwell Racing Technologies, will debut in Abu Dhabi.