H2O Racing
Union Internationale Motonautique


December 18, 2022

SHARJAH (UAE): Saturday, December 17:  Members of the F12H2O World Championship community took a trip to the Sharjah desert on Saturday to continue the sustainable agenda and push for net zero that H2O Racing has been delivering in recent seasons.


On the day off between the last two rounds of the UIM F1H2O World Championship on Khaled Lagoon, series founder Nicolò di San Germano was joined by members of the media, teams, officials and guests from a Sharjah government delegation to plant trees in the plantation at Al-Mentethr as a way of offsetting some of the carbon footprint that the sport creates.


Nicolò di San Germano said: “This is a project we have been involved in now for several years. Every person has a responsibility to react and contribute to the growing concerns and issues facing the global environment. At H2O Racing, we have a great responsibility to the countries and people where we are involved and to supporting them by respecting their environment.”


Several drivers planted some trees in the desert as a symbolic gesture to offset some of the CO2 emissions that the sport of power boating creates as a way of encouraging members of the wider community to do their bit towards a sustainable future for the planet in general.


With the focus on delivering a sustainable future on one hand, the competitive action returns to the waters of Khaled Lagoon on Sunday for a hectic day that features a practice session, qualifying and the Road to Sharjah Grand Prix of the Middle East, starting at 15.00hrs (UAE time).